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Marysville Animal Care Center in Marysville, OH
has over 35+ years of experience in animal care.
You can trust us with the care of your furry companion.

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35+ Years of Experience

At Marysville Animal Care Center in Marysville, OH, your pet will always be treated like family. Our friendly staff members have 35 years of experience and will provide your pet with loving care.

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01. Latest Modern Equipment

We have the latest equipment to help diagnose and treat your pets. We offer a variety of services from preventative and puppy care, to vaccinations and complete surgeries.

02. Advanced Surgical Suite

We are equipped with an advanced surgical suite. Bring your pet in today for many types of surgery, including neutering services, laser surgeries, X-rays, and general vaccinations.

03. Convenient Pet Boarding

Let your pet stay overnight in our boarding facility. There’s always someone available to take care of them and your cat or dog is sure to love our comfortable boarding services.

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We are excited to welcome new clients to our veterinary hospital in Marysville. Simply contact our clinic today and a member of our team will be happy to help get you started. 

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Looking for a rewarding career in a practice that will treat you like family? Marysville Animal Care Center is the place for you. Contact our clinic today to learn more about current opportunities.

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We have a wide range of dog, cat, heartworm and flea & tick products available online for your convenience. If you have further questions are knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to assist you.

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